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AeroPacific Consulting


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Douglas Moss, owner of AeroPacific Consulting, provides aviation-related expert witness,

accident investigation, consulting, training, and research services.

Specific areas and capabilities include:

  • aircraft accident investigation and causal analysis,  
  • engineering analysis and legal research for both forensic and operational purposes,
  • pilot expert witness testimony, and
  • training on operational, safety, or human factors related aviation topics.
  • Areas of expertise include:

    • Flight Operations
    • Engineering
    • Law
    • Human Factors

    Company Structure

    AeroPacific Consulting is a sole proprietorship, but with established relationships with other professionals in the aerospace and aviation industries. They include graduates and staff members of the USAF and Naval Test Pilot Schools; Experimental Test Pilots with Douglas Aircraft, Boeing, and NASA; engineers; business managers; aviation accident investigators; aircraft owners/operators; and pilots with major domestic and international airlines.

    AeroPacific Consulting is fully dedicated to provide unsurpassed and professional service to its clients.


    Contact Information

    AeroPacific Consulting is available for short or long-term consulting, instructing, or expert witness assignments worldwide.

    Telephone *
                (three-ten) 503-4350
    FAX *
                (eight-one-five) 550-8766
    Postal Address
           AeroPacific Consulting LLC
                       195 N. Argyle Ct  
                       Reno, NV  U.S.A.
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    aviation industries as well as expert witness support to the legal profession. Core competencies include evaluations of pilot/crew performance, accident reconstruction, and NTSB report analysis.">