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AeroPacific Consulting

Expert Witness

AeroPacific Consulting can provide opinions and testimony qualifying under both Daubert and Frye standards.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Aerobatics
  • Aeronautical judgment and decision-making
  • Aircraft loss of control
  • Aircraft system-subsystem failures
  • Airline operations
  • Airline safety management
  • Airmanship
  • Airworthiness
  • ATC procedures
  • Cockpit automation
  • Commercial flight operations
  • CVR/FDR interpretation and analysis
  • Controlled flight into terrain (CFIT)
  • Evaluation of deposition and documentation analysis
  • FAA regulations
  • Failure analysis
  • Flight dynamics/aerodynamics
  • Human factors
  • Medical qualifications and certificates
  • NTSB report analysis
  • Pilot error
  • Pilot/crew performance
  • Pilot/crew "standard of care"
  • Pilot hiring practices and employment issues
  • Pilot salary review and estimation
  • Pilot/crew training
  • Strict Products Liability
  •     Design Defects
  •     Warning Defects
  • Research and case preparation analysis
  • Terrain collision and avoidance system (TCAS)
  • Weather/meteorological factors
  • Witness interviews

Prior Cases

Provided analysis, opinions, and testimony on the following cases:

Cessna 208 Caravan inflight icing.  Analysis involved:

  •     Design defect
  •     Negligence in design
  •     Pilot standard of care

RJ-200 take-off on wrong runway. Analysis involved:

  • Pilot standard of care
  • Airline procedures
  • Human factors

Cessna 421 damaged by nearby helicopter rotorwash.  Analysis involved:

  • Derivation and engineering analysis of rotor downwash velocities and forces
  • FAR Part 23 certification criteria
  • Pilot standard of care
  • Standard of care of Fixed Based Operator

Injured pilot and lost job opportunity. Analysis involved:

  • Determination of pilot's hiring potential
  • Present value of pilot's lost anticipated wages

Midair collision at Reno Air Race. Analysis involved:

  • Engineering analysis of differential speeds of two aircraft from various video tapes
  • Pilot standard of care during during air race and close proximity to other aircraft

Cabin smoke in Bombardier Q400-8 resulting from engine failure. Analysis involved:

  • Pilot standard of care during inflight emergencies
  • Cabin crew standard of care to provide comfort to passengers
  • Airline ground staff standard of care to provide accommodations to passengers following unscheduled landing

Beech Bonanza forced landing following engine failure. Analysis involved:

  • Pilot standard of care under doctrine of imminent danger
  • Pilot standard of care to execute forced landings
  • Engineering analysis of optimal glide ratios and airspeeds under varying winds and aircraft configurations